International Workshop on Advances in Helicopter Technology

International Workshop on Advances in Helicopter Technology

On Sept. 26th, NUAA held Commemoration of 90th Anniversary of Prof. Wang Shicun’s birthday and International Workshop on Advances in Helicopter Technology at Ming Palace campus. Nie Hong, President of NUAA made a speech at the meeting and Mike HIRSCHBERG, Executive Chairman of AHS sent a congratulatory message.

The joint workshop was attended by Vice President Xuan Yimin, Prof. W1_160926171811_1ang Shicun’s wife Wang Yunming, Vice Chief Designer of AVIC Wu Ximing, Vice Chief Designer of AVICOPTER Huang Chuanyue, Vice Chief Designer of China Helicopter Research and Development Institute of AVIC Chen Pingjian, Vice Chief Designer of Changhe Aircraft of AVIC Yang Guoping, famous specialists and scholars in helicopter industry from US, Russia, UK, Japan, Singapore and etc, relatives and students of Prof. Wang Shicun and directors of relevant departments. The meeting was hosted by Xia Pinqi, Dean of College of Aerospace Engineering.


President Prof.Nie Hong said that helicopter specialists from US, Russia, UK, Japan, Singapore and China meeting together in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of Prof. Wang Shicun’s birthday and holding international workshop on helicopter technology, was not only to inherit and develop Prof. Wang Shicun’s spirits of advocating science and pursuing the truth, but also the practical action to realize his lifelong ideal and promote the prosperity and development of helicopter industry. At last, Prof.Nie expressed his best wishes to the booming development of both China’s helicopter and the world helicopter by quoting the verse “Bamboo-copters spread from generation to generation; Helicopters fly all over the world” written by Prof. Wang Shicun39_160926180527_2


Ms. Betty Chen, Director of Membership Office of AHS, read out the congratulatory letter from Executive Chairman of AHS Mike HIRSCHBERG. Mike HIRSCHBERG said that Prof. Wang Shicun had made important contributions to AHS in the 1980s as internationally recognized “the father of China’s helicopter”. He said that NUAA had finished numerous “the first step” in helicopter research and education industry, making many significant contributions. Mike HIRSCHBERG especially expressed his congratulations to two achievements got by our university recently, first of which was that intensive cooperation between NUAA and AHS had opened the “first chapter of AHS in China” and would help China improve the knowledge about helicopter technology. The second one was that an undergraduate team of NUAA had won the first prize in the 33rd International Student Design Competition of AHS. It was very impressive for NUAA to win the championship as the first university, not from the  US.1_160926173658_1


39_160926180527_1Prof. Xuan Yimin and Prof. George Barakos from University of Glasgow signed the agreement on the joint laboratory of helicopter technology between NUAA and University of Glasgow. According  to the agreement, the two sides will exchange students and teachers to carry out academic exchanges and cooperation projects