Mechanical Engineering

Language of Instruction:
Course Duration: 4 Years
With excellent research and lab facilities, outstanding faculties, NUAA’s Mechanical Engineering program is constantly ranked with in top 3 in whole China.

This program fosters young talent to become superior researchers and engineers engaging in design, manufacturing, R & D and management in the fields of mechanical engineering and its automation, as well as in civil aviation engineering. Systematic study and engineering training help students to gain the following sectors of expertise and capabilities.

1. Solid foundation in fundamental principles and knowledge of Mechanical Engineering and analytical problem-solving skills and design capabilities;
2. Master a broad expertise in mechanical engineering and automation.

Why Mechanical Engineering in NUAA?

Up to full Scholarship available.

Excellent links and collaboration with universities in USA/UK/EU/Canada/Australia

More than 50% faculty with western educational background.

Mechanical engineers advance the world we live in by constantly improving and inventing technology, not just preserving existing systems. Making our lives easier and everything we use more efficient, mechanical engineers are responsible for some of the most innovative breakthrough designs of our times; such as The London Eye, wind turbines and surgical robotic technology.

Becoming a mechanical engineer opens doors to nearly every area of industry, from manufacturing to construction; working on problem-solving projects from design stages through to commissioning and production. There is a broad range of employment opportunities within this diverse discipline involving design, manufacture, research, development, management and marketing

Core Course taught during the program

Semester 1

  • Linear Algebra
  • Algebra & Trigonometry
  • An Introduction to Computer
  • Orientation Program
  • Basic Chinese Speaking
  • Comprehensive Chinese (1)
  • An Introduction to China
  • Engineering Graphics

Semester 3

  • Physics Experiments (2)
  • Physics (2)
  • Comprehensive Chinese (3)
  • Academic English Writing
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Engineering MechanicsⅡ(1)
  • Electrical Engineering & Electronic Technique (1)
  • Engineering Training
  • Engineering Economics
  • Calculus for Engineering Sciences (2)
  • Reading in Chinese
  • Communication in Chinese
  • Information Retrieval & Utilization
  • Robot Design and Fabrication

Semester 5

  • Machine Design
  • Measurement Techniques
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Technology
  • Course Project: Machine Design5
  • Integrated Experiments of Machine Design
  • An Introduction to Industrial Engineering
  • An Introduction to Marketing Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Control System Engineering
  • Chinese-to-English Translation

Semester 7

  • Programmable Logics Controller
  • Course Project: Numerical Control Machine Technology
  • Numerical Control Machine Technology
  • Advanced Training of Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Vibration
  • Robotics
  • Die & Mould Technology
  • Multi-media Technology & Applications
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology


Semester 2

  • An Introduction to Aeronautics
  • Calculus for Engineering Sciences (1)
  • Physics (1)
  • Physics Experiments (1)
  • Basic Chinese Listening
  • Comprehensive Chinese (2)
  • Chinese Culture
  • Engineering Graphics(2)
  • An Introduction to Business Administration
  • Computer Programming
  • Essential English Writing

Semester 4

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Electrical Engineering & Electronic Technique (2)
  • Course Project: Mechanical Design
  • Mechanical Principles
  • Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Course Project: Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Project to Electrical Engineering & Electronic Technique
  • Computer Networking
  • Java Language & Programming
  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Intermediate Chinese

Semester 6

  • Finite Element Method in Mechanical Engineering
  • Course Project: Mechanical Manufacturing Technology & Equipment
  • Mechanical Manufacturing Technology and Equipment
  • An Introduction to CAD/CAM
  • Principles of Micro-computer
  • An Introduction to E-Business
  • Management Information System
  • Basic Writing in Chinese

Semester 8

  • Graduation Project 8
Accreditation: Accredited by the Ministry of Education, China. NUAA’s degree is accepted worldwide.

NUAA’s International Link: The BE Mechanical Engineering allows you to take your project in China. NUAA has partnered with top universities in the USA, Australia, and EU where some students take their third or fourth year of study.
Career Prospects: NUAA recent graduates have been employed by organizations such as:

And other numerous national and multinational companies in China and worldwide.

NUAA offers a wide range of scholarships to International students. The University is committed to supporting students and rewarding academic excellence.

80% of the students last year got some form of scholarship or financial aid.
For the full list of scholarships available and how to apply please refer to the scholarship section of our website.

Admission Requirement
The applicant must be in good health and under the age of 25
High School graduate with A level/10+2/WAEC or equivalent with Physics, Mathematics and English as compulsory core subjects.
Students who are currently pursuing their final year at high school could also apply as long as they can obtain their graduation diploma before enrolling at the university.
Application Checklist
1. NUAA application form (Fully filled and signed)
2. Copy of your passport.
3. High School Certificate and Transcript
4. Physical Examination report.
5. Personal Statement
Please APPLY ONLINE (here) or send all the above documents to our admission section at
You will receive your admission notice within 2 to 3 weeks.