Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Why Aeronautical Engineering in NUAA?

NUAA is ranked #1 in aeronautical engineering studies in China and #10 in Asia.

Intake: March 2018, Spring Session ( 1 semester of Pre-University foundation and Chinese course + 4 years bachelors degree)
September 2018, Fall Session (4 years bachelors degree)

Excellent links and collaboration with universities in USA/UK/EU/Canada/Australia

More than 50% faculty with western educational background.

This program fosters engineering and technical talents suiting the world aviation industry development needs, students’ master aircraft engineering basic theory and knowledge, and can engage in aircraft design, manufacture, maintenance and management. Through studying this major students gain the following knowledge and ability:

1. Comprehensive professional education of aircraft design and maintenance;
2. Master the technologies and theory of related fields, including mechanics, materials science, electronics, measurement and control, market economy and other basic knowledge;
3. Professional knowledge of broad aircraft design and maintenance and have comprehensive ability and engineering innovation capabilities.

Core Course taught during the program

Semester 1

  • Engineering Graphics
  • Calculus for Engineering Sciences (1)
  • Linear Algebra
  • Algebra & Trigonometry
  • Introduction to China
  • Essential Chinese (1)
  • Introduction to Computer
  • Orientation Program
  • Physical Education (1)

Semester 3

  • Intermediate Chinese
  • Engineering Mechanics (1)
  • Electrical & Electronic technique (1)
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Equations of Mathematical Physics
  • Physics Experiments (2)
  • Physics (2)
  • Communication in Chinese (1)
  • Information Retrieval & Utilization
  • Engineering Training

Semester 5

  • Flight Dynamics
  • Structural Analysis
  • Introduction to Aeroengine
  • Control System Engineering
  • Course Project:Machine Design
  • Machine Design
  • Introduction to Aircraft Manufacturing Technology
  • Chinese-to-English Translation
  • Introduction to Management Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Software Engineering

Semester 7

  • Aircraft Structural Design
  • Aircraft Preliminary Design
  • Maintenance of Composite Materials and Structure
  • Professional Ethics
  • Mechanical Vibration


Semester 2

  • Engineering Graphics
  • Calculus for Engineering Sciences (1)
  • Linear Algebra
  • Algebra & Trigonometry
  • Introduction to China
  • Essential Chinese (1)
  • Introduction to Computer
  • Orientation Program
  • Physical Education (1)

Semester 4

  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Engineering Mechanics (2)
  • Electrical & Electronic technique (2)
  • Course Project: Electrical & Electronic Technique
  • Mechanical Theory
  • Course Project:Mechanical Design
  • Essentials of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Communication in Chinese(2)

Semester 6

  • Aircraft Environment Control Systems
  • Introduction to CAD/CAM
  • Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering
  • Course Project:Modern Aeronautical Engineering
  • Engine Maintenance & Product Practice
  • Basic Writing in Chinese
  • Fault Diagnosis & Monitoring
  • Engineering Economics

Semester 8

  • Graduation Project
Accreditation: Accredited by the Ministry of Education, China. NUAA’s degree is accepted worldwide.

NUAA’s International Link: The BE Aeronautical Engineering allows you to take your project in China. NUAA has partnered with top universities in the USA, Australia, and EU where some students take their third or fourth year of study.
Career Prospects: NUAA recent graduates have been employed by organizations such as:


NUAA offers a wide range of scholarships to International students. The University is committed to supporting students and rewarding academic excellence.
For the full list of scholarships available and how to apply please refer to the scholarship section of our website.
Admission Requirement
The applicant must be in good health and under the age of 25
High School graduate with A level/10+2/WAEC or equivalent with Physics, Mathematics and English as compulsory core subjects.
Students who are currently pursuing their final year at high school could also apply as long as they can obtain their graduation diploma before enrolling at the university.
Application Checklist
1. NUAA application form (Fully filled and signed)
2. Copy of your passport.
3. High School Certificate and Transcript
4. Physical Examination report.
5. Personal Statement
Please APPLY ONLINE (here) or send all the above documents to our admission section at
You will receive your admission notice within 2 to 3 weeks.