Banking & Shopping


Banking & Shopping


The currency used in China is CNY Chinese Yuan, however it is also referred as RMB (Renminbi). Please do not get confused if RMB is used in place of CNY.

Banking: Please take your passport and student Id (or admission notice) for the opening of the Bank account. Normally the bank teller could speak in English, if not you could say “Wo yao Kai zhang hu ?????” or “I want to open an account”.

After filling couple of forms you will get an ATM card, which can be used throughout China. Your parents or guardians could also remit to your account from overseas. Please ask the bank for the bank address and SWIFT code. (Also ask for opening of Mobile banking, it will be very convenient to buy things from internet, pay for taxi, buy air tickets etc)

Banks nearby :  

  1. Bank of Communications (recommended)                                                                      Bank of Communication
  2. Bank of China,
  3. Agricultural Bank of China.


welcome-to-walmart-in-china-yibin[1]There are many convenient stores in and around the campus, (Ming-gu-gong and Jiangjun lu).  Students could pay through their students IC card in supermarkets on campus.

There are big superstores nearby the university, Suguo Supermarket or Auchan hypermarket.

If you are looking for bargain, then get down to Fuzimiao Shopping zone, (Metro Line 1, Sanshan st. station) and utilize your bargaining skills.

Electronic gadgets could be bought at ZhuJiang Rd, (Metro line 1, Zhujiang Rd, station) The whole street is full of stores selling electronic gadgets and accessories.

Xinjiekou (Metro Line 1, Xinjiekou st.) is the main shopping district of Nanjing. Stores for luxury brands, imported items, and some common brands like H&M, Muji, Zara are located all in Xinjiekou.

A very common  and extremely popular way for shopping for students would be to shop online. Website like and offer wide range or products. These websites are relatively cheaper than the malls and the shopping center.