Int-Dorm1[1]International students will be housed in the International student’s dormitory at Jiangjun road campus (for undergraduates and language students) and at Ming Palace campus (for Masters and PhD students) with all the modern facilities.

  • Normally 2 students share an air-conditioned bedroom and an apartment consists of 3 to 4 rooms
  • Living room is equipped with a TV, study table, couch and micro-wave oven.
  • Wash room consists of washing machine, hot/cold shower and toilets.
  • Students will also have telephone and internet access.

Accommodation Cost: CNY 4000/year

  • Nearby attraction and facilities (Jiangjun rd campus)
    Subway/metro station connecting to the airport and 30 mins to downtown Nanjing
  • Supermarkets and Shopping malls nearby
  • Night market, western restaurant and cafes
  • Jiang Jun mountain is just 15min walk from the campus.
  • Nearby attraction and facilities (Ming Place campus)10 mins or 3 stops in subway/metro to downtown Nanjing.
    5 mins walk to the Nanjing city wall and Yue Ya lake.
  • Western restaurants, café, bars nearby.
  • Close by Nanjing Museum and Zhong Shan park.

Off Campus Housing: If you want to live off-campus please contact us in advance with your requirement and we will try our best to find you the suitable place for you. Alternatively you can search online at or house

Food and Beverage: Food at NUAA’s cafeteria is considered the most hygienic and delicious university food in whole China. There are more than 10 cafeterias serving almost all the varieties of Chinese delicacies. NUAA also has “Halal canteen” in both campuses. An average meal with meat, vegetable and rice/noodles starts from CNY 6.

Occasionally students can also try eating out, at the several eateries just off the campus premises. Some of the dishes you might prefer;

  • jÄ«dàn chÇŽofàn 鸡蛋炒饭 = fried rice with scrambled eggs
  • xÄ«hóngshì chÇŽodàn 西红柿炒蛋 = scrambled egg with fresh tomatoes
  • fānqié chÇŽodàn 番茄炒蛋 = scrambled egg with fresh tomatoes
  • gōngbào jÄ«dÄ«ng 宫爆鸡丁 = Kung Pao chicken
  • tángcù lǐ jǐ 糖醋里脊 = Sweet and sour pork/chicken
  • tiÄ›bÇŽn niúròu 铁板牛肉 = sizzle-plate beef
  • qÄ«ngcài 青菜 = a green vegetable probably from the cabbage family
  • tiÄ›bÇŽn qiézi 铁板茄子 = sizzle-plate eggplant
  • (chÇŽo) bōcài (ç‚’)菠菜 = (stir-fried) spinach
  • gān biān tÇ”dòu sÄ« 干煸土豆丝 = Chinese French fries