College of Aerospace Engineering

College of Aerospace Engineering
  1. CAE offers excellent teaching and research facilities as well as a faculty. The college always gives high priority to the cultivation of talents with scientific research ability and international vision. Over the past 59 years, more than 10,000 high quality students graduated from the college and most of them have been admitted by famous universities, research institutes and enterprises both at home and abroad. Some of them even have been selected as the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science or Engineering.
    1. Department of Aircraft
    2. Department of Aerodynamics
    3. Department of Structural Engineering and Mechanics
    4. Department of Man-Machine and Environmental Engineering
    5. Department of Civil EngineeringThe mission of the College of Aerospace Engineering is to advance the current aerospace industry through research integrated with education. Over the past year CAE has received national and international awards and has developed several models of aircraft and pioneered numerous aeronautical breakthrough.
    College of Aerospace Engineering primary research fields are:
    1. Helicopter Technology
    2. Airplane Design Technology
    3. Aerodynamics
    4. Vibration Engineering
    5. Structure and Strength of Aircraft
    6. Smart Materials and Structures
    7. Aircraft Environmental Engineering.For programs taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level ( Masters and PhD) please visit the find a course section of this website.

    College of Aerospace Engineering
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