College of Automation Engineering

College of Automation Engineering

College of Automation Engineering enjoys a high-level academic group with a strong faculty team featured with strong pioneering spirit and creativity.
Every year it has undertaken scores of research projects including National High Technology Research and Development Program and programs supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.


  1. Departments:
    1. Departments of Automatic Control
    2. Department of Electrical Engineering
    3. Department of Measuring and Testing Technology
    4. Department of Biomedical Engineering


  1. Institute and Centers:
    1. Institute of Navigational Control
    2. Institute of Flight Control Technology
    3. Electronic Teaching Center
    4. Electrical Education Center
    5. Aerospace Power Technology Engineering Research Center
    6. Aircraft Autonomous Control Engineering Research Center
    7. Module Power Engineering Technology Center
    8. Aviation Power Distribution Technology Research Center
    9. Aviation Power System Research Center
    10. Jiuzhou-NUAA Power Research Center
    11. Navigation Research Center.

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